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     The "SKATERS JUNK YARD" is a web site dedicated to specials and used equipment. This web site is open, FREE OF CHARGE, to anyone wanting to sell, buy or trade used skating equipment of all types!

BACK STREET SKATES, we realize how expensive skating equipment can be, even at our low prices, so we're trying to help! Just follow the guidelines below to submit an ad. To view a category, click on one of the links below. (Notice that unlike some other "used" sites, there is NO registration required!)

  The only thing we ask, is that you consider (
Back Street Skates) the next time you need new equipment, you tell your friends about us, and you contact us A.S.A.P. if  you sell your merchandise, so we can remove it. We hope this site can be of help to you.

     Remember, an item must be priced right, in order to sell, for instance, it would not be a good idea to advertise an item, for the same price, or higher, than what we sell it for new.

With the cost of new skating equipment being what it is, the used skate market is very strong, and used skates are very much in demand.

   You must give an accurate description: size, model, condition, etc., for your ad to be placed.

PICTURES: If you have a Facebook page, you can post your pictures there, and provide the PUBLIC LINK (Even if your settings are private, there is a public link for sharing pictures that you want to share.), or you can use a  private web site like Flickr, etc. (GET ONE HERE!) where your item can be seen, and you may include the link. We will not post commercial, generic or EBay links.

   We reserve the right to edit, refuse or delete any ad, at our discretion, for any reason. We will not allow commercial ads (except for ours), or ads that sound "fishy," or which we deem to be misleading, or lacking necessary  information, lowering the quality, and usefulness of the site. Your ad will remain posted for 3 months. Please Inform us if you sell your Items!!!

    Please e-mail us, if an advertiser does not respond when you answer their ad, or if you find that an item is sold.  Keeping this a quality site is the only thing we ask in return for this fine service. This site is a Free Service from Back Street Inline!  Please help us in maintaining the quality of this site.



Please include ALL necessary information or your ad won't be placed!


Thank You!


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Quad skates, for Speed, Jam, and Artistic Skating! Low Prices! Large Selection!

Looking for the best DERBY SKATES for the best Price? CALL US!

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boots - wheels - bearings  |  CLICK HERE!  |  plates - accessories - more!

We have SUPER BLOW OUT PRICES on RIEDELL. Email us for a price quote!





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CONTACT: Julia  or Call: 475-988-8144                                                 BACK TO TOP ^

Country/State: West Haven, CT., USA


FOR SALE: Easton Synergy 500 Ice Hockey Skates, size 3.5D, great condition.  $60.00 but willing to negotiate.

CONTACT: Missy                                                                                   BACK TO TOP ^

Country/State: Auburn, CA., USA


FOR SALE: Derby Setup, men's size 5 skates, elbow, knee, wrist pads, helmet. $130.00. Can send pictures.

CONTACT: Jaye Law  or Call: 586-961-3843                                         BACK TO TOP ^

Country/State: Detroit MI., USA


FOR SALE: Pair of men's size 10.5  black Dominion brand skates in excellent condition. Only worn 4 times. Asking $100.00 OBO... Can text pics.

CONTACT: Jenna Lee  or Call: 847-308-8226                                        BACK TO TOP ^

Country/State: Barrington, IL., USA


FOR SALE: Riedell Ice Skates in the following sizes:
Children's Size 13, $50.00
Children's Size 1 1/2, $75.00
Children's Size 2, (Select Classic Blades), $100.00
Children's Size 2, (Professional Freestyle Blades), $125.00
All pairs need cleaning and sharpening.

> ALSO: Riedell Ice Skate boots only, Size 4, $125.00.

CONTACT: Wayne Hutchinson  or Call: 713-827-0828                           BACK TO TOP ^

Country/State: Houston TX., USA


FOR SALE: Tru Rev inline skates. Five 90mm wheels, Smoke-em boots that fit my size 13 feet. Less than 2 hours of use and are essentially new. $200 OBO + shipping.

CONTACT: Jamie Griffith     (Click here to see a picture!)                        BACK TO TOP ^

Country/State: Indianapolis, IN., USA


FOR SALE: Riedell Pearl Skates Size 8 Women's. Used only 1 season, 1 hr per week. Like New. Blades sharpened 2/2016. Includes guards, black/teal skate backpack. $50/00 for all plus shipping. Paypal only.

CONTACT: Rodger William Thomas or Call: 334-520-7973                    BACK TO TOP ^

Country/State: Phoenix City AL., USA


FOR SALE: Riedell Carrera quad speed skates, fits size 6 Woman's. Very Good Condition! Can email pics. Call or email for price.

CONTACT: Cheyenne Miller or Call: 562-826-2174                                BACK TO TOP ^

Country/State: Los Angeles, CA., USA


FOR SALE: Riedell Dart Roller Skates, size 8. Worn 2-3 times, near mint condition. $80.00.

CONTACT: CW Monahan                                                                      BACK TO TOP ^

Country/State: Rye, NY., USA


FOR SALE: EDEA Ice Fly women's figure skates (white), with John Wilson Pattern 99 10" Blades. Size 8. $150.00.

ALSO: RIEDELL women's competitive figure skate, white, with MK 21 blades. Size 7.5 B-A. $100.00

CONTACT: Michelle Palvolgyi or Call: 714-369-4178                             BACK TO TOP ^

Country/State: Sacramento, CA., USA


FOR SALE: SP-Teri: Super Teri Deluxe. Size 5A, 550. Blades are phantom blades. Comes complete with skate guards. Fair condition. Asking for $100.00 Have pics.

CONTACT: Daneyelle Shaw                                                                    BACK TO TOP ^

Country/State: Jacksonville, FL., USA


FOR SALE: All black Riedell Carrera / Sure-Grip leather speed skates. Size 7 - excellent condition. $80.00 OBO.

CONTACT: Bruce  or Call: 715-218-8575                                              BACK TO TOP ^

Country/State: Duluth MN., USA


FOR SALE: Edea Figure skates used only one week. size 280 (9.5), two sets of extra laces and hook to lace skates. (same skates that Gracie Gold used).  $750.00.

> Also like new blades - Riedell Eclipse Titanium Pinnacle, size 10 1/4 $450.00. Again, used only one week.

CONTACT: Breeyana Weaver                                                                 BACK TO TOP ^

Country/State: Laredo TX., USA


FOR SALE: Alexis rollerblades, size 9, fits a size 8 woman's. They are the breast cancer awareness edition. Asking $50.00 obo.

CONTACT: Kate Hadaway - Call: 480-271-4165                                   BACK TO TOP ^

Country/State: Phoenix, AZ., USA


FOR SALE: Rock GT skates, grey, size 8. Wore them 3 times. Call or text for more information and price.

CONTACT: Raymond Rodriguez  or Call: 956-744-7744                         BACK TO TOP ^

Country/State: Laredo TX., USA


FOR SALE: RW Wave Black Men's roller skates, size 10, only used once. $120.00.

ALSO: Moxi Hello Kitty women's roller skates, size 9, only used once. $120.00.

CONTACT: Madie O'farrell                                                                     BACK TO TOP ^

Country/State: Columbus,OH., USA


FOR SALE: Riedell 265 quad skates, fits women's Size 9, used but in great condition. Removable toe guards. Toe stops still have decent amount left as well. $150.00 + s/h.

CONTACT: Brandon Mason or Call: 910-818-7064                                BACK TO TOP ^

Country/State: Columbia, SC., USA


FOR SALE:  Riedell 265 Skates Size 9, skate sling, 88 Flat Outrageous wheels, 85 Zen utdoor wheels, 187 wrists guards, 187 elbow pads Size L, 187 knee pads, L, 187 helmet L. $400.00 for everything.

CONTACT: Amanda Geary  or  Call: 250-814-5657                               BACK TO TOP ^

Country/State: Revelstoke BC Canada


FOR SALE: Spyder Skates w/ Antik boots, size 4, Leather Upper and Rubber Outsole. Worn under 5 times. 62 mm Envy Reckless wheels. Also: Riedell Size 3 Skates, PVC Upper and PVC Outsole. 62 mm wheels, worn under 15 times. Killer 187 Pro Knee Pads, XS. Worn under 25 times. Wrist Guards, youth large (fits ladies small), worn under 25 times, Killer 187 Pro elbow pads. Worn under 25 times. Selling EVERYTHING for $200.00. Email for pictures.

CONTACT: Love                                                                                     BACK TO TOP ^

Country/State: Salinas, CA., USA


FOR SALE: Powerslide Doop Urban Skates (2015), Adjustable shoe size US 4.0-9.0 EU 36-42.5). Excluding minor scratches, it is brand new. Bought a few days ago / test-skated once. Comes with standard brake, manual, and tools. Selling for $200.00. 84mm wheels. Email for more info and pics.

CONTACT: Lisa Bowen  or  Call: 304-634-7805                                    BACK TO TOP ^

Country/State: Barboursville, WV., USA


FOR SALE: Pair of Riedell Wicked skates (purple with black stripes) size 9. Venus Crazy plates, Java 86a wheels, and ceramic bearings. Please email or text for pictures.  $450.00 obo shipping included. Only used for approximately 3 months.

CONTACT: Janelle Dirks  or  Call: 785-383-0025                                   BACK TO TOP ^

Country/State: Hutchinson, KS., USA


FOR SALE: Riedell Vixen skates, size 7, Powerdyne Thrust, nylon plates, Sonar Flat Out (88a/green) wheels, less than a year of practice wear, no bouting. Includes new and used toe-stops. $150.00. Email for pics.

CONTACT: Tracy Zajdel  or  Call: 702-202-5880                                   BACK TO TOP ^

Country/State: Las Vegas, NV., USA


FOR SALE: Sure Grip Rebel Size 5 skates, Fugitive wheels, worn a handful of times.  trucks, boots, and bearings good. Wheels still have a lot of life in them.  Including skate tool, 187 Knee and Elbow pads, some scuffs on the plastic, in excellent shape otherwise.  $145.00 + shipping (your preferred method)  Please email for photos.

CONTACT: Elaine  or  Call: 908-456-3773                                             BACK TO TOP ^

Country/State: Morristown, NJ., USA


FOR SALE: Riedell RS-1000, size 7, Triple 8 elbow pads small, 4 sets of wheels, 187 knee pads small, Bearings Speed wash, Kwik Lube, 2 boxes of Bones Reds - set of 8 bearings each box, Tools. $200.00 for everything.

CONTACT: Stephanie                                                                              BACK TO TOP ^

Country/State: Redondo, CA., USA


FOR SALE: Riedell 796 skates, women's size 5, Envy Reckless wheels, 59mm, Bullet wheels, 59mm, 91A, 187 Killer knee pads, size small, 187 Killer elbow pads, small, Triple Eight wrist guards, skate tools, carry bag. Like new (worn twice). Complete Set $350.00. Contact for photos.

CONTACT: Drea  or  Call: 951-536-8876                                               BACK TO TOP ^

Country/State: San Bernardino, CA., USA


FOR SALE: Riedell Dart quad speed skates, worn only 5 times all black red wheels, still in box and plastic, size 7 in men ..and 8 in lady's. $60.00.

CONTACT: Natalie Lara  or  Call: 504-920-3738                                    BACK TO TOP ^

Country/State: Hutto, TX., USA


FOR SALE: Roller Derby setup - skates elbow pads, knee pads, wrist, guards, and helmet, used twice! Skates: Labeda size 8 - some wear on toe box and wheels. Helmet: L/XL Model #SK-564 Duct tape on helmet, Elbow pads: Triple Eight Size L No wear shown. Wrist guards: 187 Killer Pads Size L - some scratches on palm. Knee pads: 186 Killer pads Pro Derby Size XL Wear on knees from falls. Call or email for price/s.

CONTACT: Meghan  or  Call: 903-617-7885                                          BACK TO TOP ^

Country/State: Richland, WA., USA


FOR SALE: Brand new Bont Hybrid Carbon, size 6 (street size women's 9), with Crazy Venus 252 (blue) plates mounted. Worn for an hour. Doesn't fit me right. Asking around $500.00 obo. Also comes with the extra cushions.

CONTACT: Danielle  -  Call: 216-644-2817                                            BACK TO TOP ^

Country/State: Cleveland, OH.., USA


FOR SALE: Lake Placid Glider 4000  woman's ice figure skates, size 9. $27.00.

CONTACT: Molly                                                                                    BACK TO TOP ^

Country/State: Miami, FL., USA


FOR SALE: Riedell size 9 roller derby skates, used only 3 times. Not sure of the model, but has upgraded wheels. I will throw in a full set of brand new (worn 3 times) pads. $125.00 for everything. ($110 without the pads). Please contact me via email for pics and any questions.

CONTACT: Paul or Call: 908-862-9071 (Click here to see a picture!)       BACK TO TOP ^  
Country/State: Linden NJ., USA                                           

FOR SALE: K2 fitness / performance skates, Radical 100's, size 9, Brand New condition, 4 x 100, with newly replaced Gyro100mm wheels (The original wheels were ok, but the Gyro's are a better wheel). Asking $125.00 + S/H. (Selling for a friend.)




CONTACT: Back Street Inline  (Click here to see a picture)                     BACK TO TOP ^
Country/State: New Jersey, USA                                 

FOR SALE: Bont Black Widow boots. All brand new, on clearance. This boot was once Bont's highest end boot. A great deal. Limited sizes, see our CLEARANCE PAGE for up to date sizes. $325.00/Pair.





We have Riedell boots and skates at SUPER BLOW OUT PRICES! Too Low to Advertise!

Email us for a price quote!

            BACK STREET INLINE       BACK TO TOP ^


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You can print out our business cards to give to your friends!

CONTACT: Jenna Lee  or Call: 847-308-8226                                        BACK TO TOP ^

Country/State: Barrington, IL., USA


FOR SALE: Riedell ice skate boots only, Size 4, $125.00.

CONTACT: Kasia                                                                                    BACK TO TOP ^

Country/State: Los Angeles, CA., USA


FOR SALE: SP Teri Size 6.5 Pro Teri - White. Only worn 4-5 times! Can be re molded to fit your feet. Almost perfect condition. Boots only. Email for price & pics.

CONTACT: BackStreetInline or Call: 908-862-9071 (Click here to see s picture!)  
Country/State: Linden, NJ., USA                                   BACK TO TOP ^

FOR SALE: Hyper Circuit Boots, size 7.5, Brand New! Never used! On Clearance! $275.00!

Sizes: (www.BackStreetSpecials.com)

CONTACT: Back Street Inline(Click Here: www.BackStreetSpecials.com) BACK TO TOP ^
Country/State: NJ., USA                             

FOR SALE: Check out our Clearance Specials by clicking the link above.

"LIKE" US ON FACEBOOK: www.Facebook.com/SkatersJunkYard




CONTACT: Brock Penn or Call: 513-276-6213                                      BACK TO TOP ^

Country/State: Cincinnati, OH., USA


FOR SALE: Bont Sniper Evolution 3 90mm. Used but flawless. Comes with wheels and bearings. Call or email for price and additional information.

CONTACT: Phil Baggett or Call: 832-385-5216                                      BACK TO TOP ^

Country/State: Spring, TX., USA


FOR SALE: MK Dance model blades, 10 1/2", very good condition $75.00 .

CONTACT: Back Street Inline  (Click here to see a picture.)                    BACK TO TOP ^
Country/State: New Jersey, USA                                

FOR SALE:  Labeda Extreme Edge inline frames. 13.50, 7000 series aluminum, double void, with rounded bearing bosses. Will take 84mm wheels. A very high end frame, and IMO, one of the most actractive frames ever made. BRAND NEW! $150.




Printable Business Cards


You can print out our business cards to give to your friends!

CONTACT: Back Street Inline (Click here to see our website!)                 BACK TO TOP ^
Country/State: NJ., USA

FOR SALE: For great deals on absolutely the best ice speed skating blades available, check out our ice section by clicking the link above!

"LIKE" US ON FACEBOOK: www.Facebook.com/SkatersJunkYard 

CONTACT: Back Street Inline or Call: 908-862-9071                             BACK TO TOP ^  
Country/State: Linden, NJ., USA                  

FOR SALE: Luigino Pilot inline racing frames. 4 x 100, 195 spacing. Brand new in original packaging, complete with all hardware.  $150.00.




            BACK STREET INLINE          BACK TO TOP ^



Printable Business Cards


You can print out our business cards to give to your friends!

CONTACT: Dina                                                                                                                  BACK TO TOP ^  

Country/State: Myrtle Beach, SC., USA


FOR SALE: Brand New never used 187 Killer Knee Pads and Elbow Pads, both size XL. $50.00 for the set.

CONTACT: Christina Gomez   or Call: 661-374-5900                                        BACK TO TOP ^  

Country/State: Frazier Park. CA., USA


FOR SALE: DNA Atomic wheels 93A, set of 8. Only used 4 of them twice. $50.00.

CONTACT: Back Street Inline  (www.BackStreetSpecials.com)                BACK TO TOP ^
Country/State: NJ., USA
FOR SALE: Check out our Clearance Specials by clicking the link  above.

"LIKE" US ON FACEBOOK: www.Facebook.com/SkatersJunkYard








We have Riedell boots and skates at SUPER BLOW OUT PRICES! Too Low to Advertise!

Email us for a price quote!

Looking for NEW Skates & Gear? CALL US! (BackStreetSkates.com) We have GREAT prices!!!




Printable Business Cards


You can print out our business cards to give to your friends!

"LIKE" US ON FACEBOOK: www.Facebook.com/SkatersJunkYard

CONTACT: Kaylee                                                                                 BACK TO TOP ^
Country/State: Columbus OH., USA


WANTED: Buckeye beautyz roller girl looking for boots In size 6 or6.5 in men's.

CONTACT: Lori  or Call: 360-915-4142                                                 BACK TO TOP ^
Country/State: Tumwater, WA., USA


WANTED: A pair of indoor / outdoor quads is about a 4 in kids or a 6 in women's.

CONTACT: Emily Dahlin  or Call: 507-390-0405                                    BACK TO TOP ^
Country/State: Mankato, MN., USA


WANTED: Used SP-TERI Pro Teri, adult, in a size 7. Not really sure on the width. I have a picture of the bottom of the boot in my size I tried on. Would really love to maybe stay under $300.00 but could be flexible.




CONTACT: Back Street Inline (www.BackStreetSpecials.com)                  BACK TO TOP ^
Country/State: NJ, USA
SWAP/TRADE: Check out our Clearance Specials by clicking the link above.

"LIKE" US ON FACEBOOK: www.Facebook.com/SkatersJunkYard

CONTACT: Scott  or Call: 918-346-2521                                               BACK TO TOP ^

Country/State: Wagoner, OK., USA


SWAP/TRADE: Vanilla Inline Green Machine Speed Skates, size 13. Worn 3 times.  Would like to trade for a good pair of quads or sell them outright.




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This is the SkateClubs.com section!

In this section, you can advertise your Derby Team, Speed Team, Figure Club or any other skating related club!

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Printable Business Cards


You can print out our business cards to give to your friends!

We are on FACEBOOK!

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CONTACT: Deadly Rival Roller Derby  or Call: 727-522-0172                  BACK TO TOP ^
Country/State: Pinellas County, FL., USA (Click here to see our website!)     3/27/14
We are the largest flat track women's roller derby league in Pinellas County, Florida!

Visit our website for more info!        FACEBOOK   |   TEAM PICTURE

CONTACT: North Hollywood Roller Derby  or Call: 818-470-9847          BACK TO TOP ^
Country/State: North Hollywood, CA., USA                                                1/15/14
We're the North Hollywood Roller Derby league and we're looking to recruit skaters, refs, and NSOs. We're the first free derby league in the L.A. area!

Check us out & "LIKE" us on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/nohoderby

CONTACT: Wasteland Derby Dames  (Our Logo!)                                      BACK TO TOP ^
Country/State: Lancaster, CA., USA                                                     1/13/14

The Wasteland Derby Dames are the Antelope Valley's first and only all women's flat track roller derby league, founded in the summer of 2011.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WastelandDerbyDames

Roller derby is a fun, fast paced, full contact sport for women of all ages, shapes and sizes. If you would like to join us we are currently recruiting new female skaters 18 years of age or older of any skill level. We provide training! Male and female referees are also needed. Having your own skates and pads are helpful, but not required as we often have loaner gear. Be sure to bring a good attitude and a lot of drinking water.

If you are looking to join the team please email recruiting@wastelandderbydames.com for full information and times.

CONTACT: Inland Empire Derby Divas  (Team Picture)                             BACK TO TOP ^
Country/State: Grand Terrace, CA., USA                                                     1/10/14

The Inland Empire Derby Divas are now recruiting for Skaters, Referees and Non-Skating Officials. There's a place for everyone in Roller Derby, come find yours!

We practice at CalSkate GT, 22080 Commerce Way, Grand Terrace CA 92313. Practice schedule is Sundays from 8-10pm and Mondays & Wednesdays from 8:30-10:30pm. For more information check out our website: www.iederbydivas.com or Email!

CONTACT: MJ Smash                                                                              BACK TO TOP ^
Country/State: Conroe, TX., USA                                                             9/20/13

ATTENTION PEOPLE IN THE HOUSTON AREA!!! There is a new and upcoming team, the Conroe Cutthroats! We are looking for skaters of ALL levels, Referees and even NSOs as we are gearing up for our 2014 season. We skate at Rainbow Roller Rink in Conroe. Check us out on FB: https://www.facebook.com/ConroeCutthroats

CONTACT: Hell Kat                                                                                 BACK TO TOP ^
Country/State: Yucaipa, CA., USA                                                             9/13/13

Yuc_Town Rollin Bombshells are recruiting new skaters, referees and NSO's.  We meet Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 7-9 pm at 7th Street Park in Yucaipa.  Come out and skate with us!

CONTACT: GARDEN SKATERS  (Click here to see our website!)          BACK TO TOP ^
Country/State: NJ., USA                                                                

Come and join the Garden Skaters every Wednesday, as we roll along a beautiful wooded trail (Duck Pond) which winds itís way through four Bergen County towns. Thereís no better way to unwind from a stressful day than to breeze down the trail with friends, wind in your hair, sunlight shinning through the trees! Click the link above for more Information! Join their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/garden.skaters?fref=ts

CONTACT: The GSSC (Click here to see our website!)                             BACK TO TOP ^
Country/State: USA, New Jersey                                         

The Garden State Speed Skating Club of NJ has a new web site: www.GardenStateSpeedSkating.com  IF you're interested in doing some ice speed skating with a great group of people, then check them out!
*Training sessions are held at the Mennen Sports Arena every Monday night from mid-October until the end of March.
*Session dates are listed in the schedule.
*For location information, see the directions on the website. 
*All sessions are led by a trained speed skating coach.

CONTACT: Atlanta Peachtree Road Rollers  (Our LOGO)                        BACK TO TOP ^
Country/State: Atlanta, GA., USA                                                                

Skate with the Atlanta Peachtree Road Rollers!  If you live in, or are visiting Atlanta, and want to skate with others, we have regular, weekly skates throughout the year.  For up-to-date information, check out our website at http://www.aprr.org or our Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/aprrskate

CONTACT: WE SKATE NY  (Click here to see our website!)                  BACK TO TOP ^
Country/State: NY, NY., USA                                                                

Wednesday night skates through New York City!




                Skaters 4 Skaters      BACK TO TOP ^



In this section, you can also advertise for a skating partner, or hook up with other skaters!

CONTACT: Melanie Brown or Call: 704-303-7959                                 BACK TO TOP ^

Country/State: Charlotte, NC., USA


Looking to Meet: A male pairs partner in North or South Carolina preferably near Charlotte or Rock Hill. Took 10yr break but still fluent in double jumps, all spins camel, inverts and heel.. I've placed in state games, local meets and regionals, wanting to get back to local meets. Thanks so much, Melanie.

            BACK STREET INLINE              BACK TO TOP ^



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We are on FACEBOOK!

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Name: Terri Nolan                                                                                      BACK TO TOP ^
Country/State: Upstate NY., USA                                                 Date: 12/26/08
Comments: Just wanted to say this is an awesome site!

Name: Sal Bottari                                                                                           BACK TO TOP ^
Country/State: FL., USA                                                   Date: 10/7/03
Comments: This is one of the best web sites for new and used skates I have ever seen. I have told my friends and I hope you do the same. I have sold over 3 pairs of skates. Thank's Back Street!

Name: Autumn Knoll                                                                                   BACK TO TOP ^
Country/State: Calgary                                                       Date: 5/10/03
Comments: I love skating and anything involved. I just want to thank the creators of this webpage because it has made my life easier!


Name: Brandon                                                                                           BACK TO TOP ^
Country/State: Canada                                                         Date: 3/5/03
Comments: I have been looking around for old fanjets or any old wheel for a long time and your website has really helped me out. Thanx!

Name: Linda Davis                                                                                      BACK TO TOP ^
Country/State: SC., USA                                                   Date: 1/19/02
Comments: I just want to say how much Back Street Inline has helped me. I am a quad speed skater and the skates I bought from here cost $582! The skating rink I go to was selling them for $829! Thanks!

Name: Jasmine                                                                                            BACK TO TOP ^
Country/State: CA., USA                          Date: 9/22/01
Comments: This website is so kewl, like totally, yup!

Name: Chris                                                                                                BACK TO TOP ^
Country/State: IN., USA                                                     Date: 9/20/01
Comments: Thanks! This site is a lot of help ....even if you don't want to sell anything, just to meet some new people that skate.....and there are a lot of great deals.....

Name: Mel                                                                                                  BACK TO TOP ^
Country/State: LA., USA                          Date: 7/2/01
Comments: I luv this website, I just wish the Riedell's that I wanted would have stayed on sale a lil bit longer! This site is the best to get stuff from.

Name: Mike                                                                                               BACK TO TOP ^
Country/State: FL., USA                                Date: 4/15/01
Comments: Hey I love your site its great place to trade, sell, or buy new or used equipment. when you're on a budget Thanks!

Name: Andrew Johnson                                                                              BACK TO TOP ^
Country/State: Ohio, USA                                                  Date: 3-29-01
Comments: I've found your site very useful.
I like the prices, and the rink owner where I skate always wonders where I get the newest or the oldest skate parts from. I tell him I have an inline and quad fairy. Thank you for the use of your site,
Could you send me an inline and quad Catalog if you make one? thanx
Elyria Ohio, 1307 East Ave. up
thank you

Name: Mary                                                                                             BACK TO TOP ^
Country/State: USA                                                                 Date: 3/26/01
Comments: I really like this site, I got to finally sell my sk8s. I think it has the cheapest prices on the net! I give Back Street an A++ for buying & Selling!!

Name: Linda smith                                                                                     BACK TO TOP ^
Country/State: FL, USA                                                       Date: 2/26/01
Comments: I have really enjoyed this web page it is a great way of buying or selling your old stuff I pay a lot for equipment and it nice to know I can sell it when my kid grows out of it. I think I will just start buying it here for her as well thanks so much. Linda

Name: Casey Whitaker                                                                              BACK TO TOP ^
Country/State: NC., USA                          Date: 2/4/01
Comments: Love this site, the junkyard and new product site. Great place to advertise! Please send a catalog/magazine to : Casey Whitaker
4381 Rivendell rd.
kernersville, NC. 27284

Name: Kevin                                                                                           BACK TO TOP ^
Country/State: Alaska, USA                                                Date: 1/10/01
Comments: I love your site I sold my quads in two weeks and have met many great people from all over the world.
Can you send me a catalog to:9540 Morningside Loop #103
Anchorage, AK. 99515

Name: Tia                                                                                               BACK TO TOP ^
Country/State: FL., USA                                                     Date: 12/25/00
Comments: I like this website because I can meet new people that know what I'm talking about.

Name: Arthur                                                                                            BACK TO TOP ^
Country/State: Texas                                                       Date: 12/16/00
Comments: Hi I really like this website because it's very cool and it has very low prices so I give this page an A++++
P.S will you send me a free magazine Thanks!!!

Name: Ashly                                                                                             BACK TO TOP ^
Country/State: CA., USA                                               Date: 12/5/00
Comments: this is actually a really cool page and I found it useful but if you would send me a free magaizine too it would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

Name: Keith Laub                                                                                     BACK TO TOP ^
Country/State: CA., USA                                             Date: 10/28/00
Comments: Your web site is the best. Could you send me a free magazine?

Name: Kyle Dawson                                                                                  BACK TO TOP ^
Country/State: CA., USA                                             Date: 10/20/00
Comments: I love your site I just bought a pair of Bont Sharkies for $120. Kyle
P.S. can you send me a inline speed catalog?

Name: Fred                                                                                               BACK TO TOP ^
Country/State: TN., USA                                             Date: 10/20/00
Comments: Your site rules!!! Your stuff is the cheapest on the net that I can find!















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